What Is BAT Token: Explained For Beginners

Digital currencies and blockchain advertising are the next big thing. This is already evident from the fact that these technologies are getting more and more attention and popularity. Besides, advertising is absolutely important for any organization.

To have a successful product, innovation is also required in advertising. This is where BAT or the Basic Attention Token comes into play! If you want to know what a BAT token is, read on for a simple explanation.

What Are BAT Tokens?

First of all: BAT Token is a redundant acronym, as the T already stands for Token, but somehow it has caught on and is hard to find online without this repetition.

BAT, or Basic Attention Token, was developed by Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox. BAT uses the Ethereum blockchain and can be purchased through a specific browser, the Brave browser. The BAT token aims to increase the efficiency of digital advertising and improve security for users of the browser.

Brave browser users receive revenue in the form of BAT tokens when they view ads on the browser and in other ways. Moreover, the revenue from BAT tokens can also be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, for which the Brave browser has a built-in wallet where users can store their BAT.

BAT also offers advantages for advertisers, depending on how efficiently they engage their users. The ads are anonymous, and users can decide for themselves whether they want to see them. The ads are presented to the users in the form of push notifications. For this, the Brave browser can be downloaded on Windows, Mac as well as Android devices.

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How To Earn BAT

With BAT you are no longer a passive consumer of advertising, but actively earn by using the Brave browser

For this, the ads are tailored to you based on your browsing habits and patterns. It also ensures privacy by examining user interaction with advertising content, using secure blockchain technology.

Below you can find some ways how to earn BAT tokens with Brave browser.

1. By installing Brave Browser

The Brave browser and the larger BAT token in general are still in development. However, they have already shown great potential. That's why they also offer a reward in the form of BATs for your trust in them. This is an easy way to earn cryptocurrency directly in the browser.

Wenn du den Brave-Browser installierst und mindestens 30 Tage lang nutzt, kannst du BAT im Wert von $5 erhalten. Außerdem gibt es für jeden Monat der Nutzung BATs, die nach dem Zufallsprinzip vergeben werden. Der Gesamtwert kann sich auf bis zu 40 BATs pro Monat belaufen.

Brave Browser has a number of great features that make it a good option. It is completely free to download, doesn't collect any data from its users, and its users are completely protected by highly efficient privacy protection methods.

2. By watching advertisements

As mentioned earlier, Brave Browser rewards its users for viewing advertisements. The reward comes in the form of BATs. Moreover, all aspects of Brave Ads can be controlled by the user and are completely dependent on his browsing habits.

If you want to earn BATs this way, you need to turn on Brave Ads once you install the browser. To do that, click on the BAT logo located in the upper right corner of the browser tab. Go to Brave Rewards and Ads and click Reward Settings. Check the "Show" option to start collecting.

Users can choose the number of ads they want to see per hour, with a maximum of five. The more you view, the more you earn, of course. The ads are delivered via push notifications. Even if the user views the entire notification for the ad, they can earn BATs.

3. Through the use of the Brave Rewards program.

If you're creating content, the Brave Rewards program is an extremely handy tool.

Not only does the Brave browser give you space to promote your content, but the rewards program helps your viewers give BAT tips for each website. They can donate or follow your content for regular updates.

To facilitate this, you will register on the Brave Creators Portal. Next, you need to add your desired website or creator portal. The browser will then run a verification process. Once the verification process is complete, Creators can start receiving BATs from other Brave users. This is very beneficial for content creators because they are actively paid for their content.

4. By recommending to friends

Brave Creators also get a referral link in their Creator Dashboard to earn more BATs. If you're a Brave Creator, you can send the referral link to your friends to download the Brave browser. When you download the browser through your link, you can earn up to $7.5 worth of BATs.

BAT rewards from the referral program are uploaded directly to the creator's wallet. They can also be converted into Bitcoins. The amount of Referral BAT may depend on the region you live in.

Access to your BAT tokens

One of the best things about using the Brave browser is that you can convert your BAT tokens to a currency of your choice, such as Bitcoin. BATs are not only convertible to cryptocurrencies, but also to physical currencies like USD.

In order to do that, Brave browser users need to sign up with Uphold. There, your account will be verified so that you can withdraw your BATs. You can also provide your bank details if you want to withdraw your BATs.

Make sure you can withdraw from your Brave wallet. You can find the "Withdraw money" option under the Reward Settings tab. If you agree to withdraw your collected money, you will be redirected to your Uphold account. However, you can also transfer your BATs. The flexibility offered to you thus makes the BAT token a lucrative option.

Conclusion: BAT tokens are the first fair payment for watching commercials

Since consumers' habits change every day, it is necessary to study their behavior and respond to their needs. The Brave browser and BAT tokens help users browse the Internet at will without being interrupted by unnecessary advertisements. They have the chance to earn both digital and physical currency by using their interests.

BATs are also very convenient as they can be easily transferred and exchanged. With an increased online presence, users can now safely earn some cryptocurrency. Both the advertiser and the consumer benefit from using this browser and earning BATs.

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