How Much Can I Earn With Brave Browser?

Currently, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge are some of the top web browsers in the market. And they are free. This is great. But what if I told you that there is a browser to earn money simply by using it?

Yes, I am serious. And maybe you have heard of Brave Browser and that it is offering this very function. But chances are you did not find information on how much you can actually earn with Brave – because I had not found information easily. There were some short articles like this but many open questions remained.

So I dug deep.

In short:

The common user may earn up to an average of 5-6 BAT tokens per month, sometimes even more. With the current market price of a BAT token being around 1$, you can earn between $60-$70 per year.

Now let's have a closer look at this gem among modern browser, which is making a difference in a world where ads have started to become intrusive, and the only way to avoid them on our browsers is usually by installing an ad blocker extension.

That's why I originally went looking for a modern open-source web browser that doesn't display intrusive ads and doesn't collect user data. And that's exactly how I came across Brave Browser.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave Browser is not just the typical free browser that you can download off of the internet. It comes with heightened privacy features that will protect the user data. Brave is trying to fight to keep the internet free and accessible for everyone like it should be.

The Brave browser blocks ads and trackers that tend to invade user privacy and collect usage information that will be sent to a third-party organization. These ads also tend to take up more data and time to load a specific web page, along with increased power consumption.

Brave even shows you statistics about your savings on the home page:

The first time you fire up the Brave browser, you will hardly notice any difference if you’re switching from Chrome. Brave Browser is built on top of the open-source Chromium web browser, and so is Google Chrome. So switching from Chrome to Brave is painless, and you won’t struggle if you come from another browser either.

As a user, you do not have to go out of your way to benefit from its privacy features. The browser blocks the trackers and ads right out of the box.

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If you want a whole other level of private browsing, you can open up the menu and select ‘New Private window with Tor’. This opens up a private Tor tab, which offers far more privacy than the normal incognito mode.

But the privacy features are not all that is special with this browser.

Brave is a crypto-funded web browser. This means when using the Brave browser you have not only the choice to use further Brave software like their privacy-protection search engine (like reported here) but also get hands on some of this crypto.

What is Brave Rewards Program?

BAT Triangle Logo

When first using Brave I quickly realized a strong tie to the world of cryptocurrencies. And this is exactly what the money earning opportunity is based on. No worries it is not complicated at all and requires pretty much no tech-skills (if you need a brief beginner-friendly introduction to crypto: I got this article for you).

Brave provides a rewards program to earn for watching privacy-respecting ads. This program is built on Basic Attention Token (BAT), a cryptocurrency used to pay users for their attention and connect them with content creators and advertisers. It is not mandatory, and the user can opt-in or opt-out at any time.

So, Brave is not an ad-free browser in all cases. It depends on your choice. If you are enabling brave ads you can earn money. If you keep it disabled you will not be bothered by ads.

Unlike conventional ads, ad matching happens on the user’s device. So the user data is never sent to anyone, not even Brave. This removes the intermediaries who exploit user data and thrive on surveillance.

Unlike conventional ads, ad matching happens on the user’s device. So the user data is never sent to anyone, not even Brave. This removes the intermediaries who exploit user data and thrive on surveillance.

At first, the digital tokens were meant to fund websites and connect creators, but they now allow users to cash out their BAT (basic attention token).

The Brave browser also comes with an in-built Ethereum crypto wallet that supports ETH and standard Ethereum tokens and collectibles.

In case you're not sure what a wallet is, I've got the appropriate article for youexplaining this in an easy way.

You can earn money with the Brave Reward program in two different ways:

  1. As a user
  2. As a publisher or content creator

How to Earn as a User?

You can head to the top-right menu, click on ‘Brave Rewards’- which is marked with the triangle symbol - and tweak your experience. You can turn the rewards on or off and tweak the number of ads shown every hour.

You can donate your earned BAT tokens to websites or content creators to support them as users. You can set up monthly tips or tip as you see fit. A great thing, I think, since you can decide which content benefits from advertising - or you can keep your vedges to yourself. You decide and that's a luxury we've been afforded so far.

Initially, the ads will pop up in the corner of your screen as a notification as you browse. If you wish to view the ad, click on the notification to generate the full ad in a private tab. Brave servers relevant ads based on the on-device ad matching, which will look at the keywords in the web pages you visit.

Users can choose to view up to 5 ads per hour. However, if it becomes too spammy, you can opt for 1-2 ads per hour, and you will receive fewer BAT tokens.

As a user, you can also earn from sponsored images. Once you opt-in for these images, your new tabs will load up with a sponsored image, and you will earn BAT tokens for it.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can download Brave browser on your iPhone or Android device. The Brave browser on the phone works the same as the desktop version, the shields, ad-blocking, rewards, and all.

As you keep using the browser, you will eventually receive your tokens on the next payment date, which will be listed. You can earn and contribute BAT tokens without any sign-up process. But, if you want to cash out the token, you will have to carry out some extra steps.

Remember to claim your earned BAT regularly. You can do this either directly from the BAT icon or from the hint when you open a new empty tab.

Here are some screenshots for illustration:

Click the blue button
Do the given task
Confirm the payout message

The balance will then be visible in your wallet. You will see the window directly after the payment. You can also access it at any time via the triangular Brave Reward symbol. From there you can also access the settings for the rewards / the Brave wallet.

Übersicht der BAT Balance und Wallet-Bewegungen

Once the BAT wallet has been verified BAT holders can withdraw money in form of their BAT tokens. If you want to actually cash out and not only want to send cryptos to another wallet you need to put your bank account details.

How long it will take to receive the money when withdrawing from Brave wallet?

Depending on your bank it could take several days until you see the money in your bank account.

How to Earn as Publisher?

If you own a website or a YouTube channel, you can earn as a publisher. There are three ways in which you can earn as a publisher:

  1. Creator referral program
  2. Tips
  3. Publisher-integrated ads

Once you sign up as Brave Creator, you will be provided with a referral link. You can share this link to invite people to download Brave browse and earn between $1 to $7.5 worth of BAT tokens.

People can tip you with BAT tokens if they like your content. This tipping feature is already enabled on major websites like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Github.

Another way to earn as a publisher is via publisher-integrated ads. It works the same way as how Google puts ads on your website through AdSense. 70% of the revenue goes to the content creator, 15% to the user who views it, and the remaining 15% to Brave.

In all cases as a publisher, you need to sign up on the Brave Creator website to start earning. You will be provided with a referral link that you can share on your homepage (which is great for website publishers) or wherever you want this way users can send BAT tips directly. BAT tips from Brave users always end up in your Brave wallet.

You see that it can make sense to join Brave's rewards program.

Note: There is currently an enrollment freeze for the premium program.

How Much Money can you Earn with Brave Browser?

Now comes the big question, how much money can you earn with it?

You receive rewards on the Brave browser as BAT tokens, which is crypto token. BAT is generally denominated in BTC, and the value of BAT tokens fluctuates up and down. But BAT is much less volatile compared to the other altcoins in the market.

As a user per month, you may earn up to an average of 5-6 BAT tokens, sometimes even more if you are lucky. With the current market price of a BAT token being a bit over 1$, you can earn anywhere between $60-$70 per annum.

As a content creator, suppose you earn at least 50-60 BAT tokens per month, then you will be looking at $600-$700 per annum.

After you have collected more than 25 BAT in your account, you can verify your wallet via Uphold. You will go through a KYC process, and it's all normal. Once your wallet is verified, you can cash out your BAT.

Whether it's $60 or $600 per year, it's definitely a substantial passive income. So you can earn rewards for the little effort you put in as a user watching ads, or sign up as a Brave Creator and earn even more rewards.

If you're using Chrome, it's highly recommended to switch to Brave, as you'll basically have the same user experience - with certain perks. This is because the Brave browser not only uses less system resources, but also blocks ads and rewards you for watching non-tracking ads, and also offers more privacy features out of the box.

Brave Browser offers an easy way to take back some power as a user and get rewarded for watching ads at the same time. Besides, you can support content creators with the BAT tokens you earn, which is an added bonus.

Are there ways to earn free BAT tokens?

Brave was a great way to earn free BAT tokens. You once received up to $7.5 worth of BAT tokens for each person you referred.

However, the referral program was stopped a few years ago and since then there is no known way to get a Brave referral link and therefore to earn free BAT tokens anymore besides watching ads.

Further tips to maximize your earnings with Brave browser as a user

Probably the best way to maximize your earnings with Brave as a user is by watching more ads. In order to do so you should do three things:

  • Install Brave browser on all your mobile and desktop devices
  • Set Brave as your default browser
  • Synchronize your Brave browser profile with all your devices
  • Make sure to allow push notifications from Brave browser as it also pushes notification ads
  • Adjust the Brave rewards settings to your further preferences

This way you can make sure to make the most of using Brave browser.

You see that other browsers fall short compared in earning opportunities compared to this contestant. If you are not interested in earning a little bit on the side make sure to disable viewing privacy preserving ads to make sure that you face zero ads with this completely free browser.

How many ads do I need to watch?

When using Brave it shouldn't be that you need to watch artificially watch ads. They rather should squeeze in organically. And this is the case usually. You browse, an ad pops up, you briefly check it out, you earn BAT.

You won't be bothered with pop-ups by the way. The maximum is that you receive push notification ads. But the frequency is rather moderate and not too much of a deal.

Furthermore, Brave limits the amount of ads and you can even make slight adjustments in the browser settings.

Is Brave a private browser even if I use the built-in ad system?

Even if you are using the ad system Brave is not tracking you according to its promises making it a considerably secure browser.

How they are doing this? Well, Brave are using something called "Brave private ads". According to them, the ads are selected depending on your browsing behavior while not collecting personal data. This is the original statement from the rewards settings:

"Earn tokens by viewing Brave Ads. Ads presented are based on your interests, as inferred from your browsing behavior. No personal data or browsing history ever leaves your browser."

That's it. If you liked what you read and want to earn money you should consider using the Brave browser and start receiving bat donations right away. Just don't forget to enable Brave rewards to earn Brave rewards.

Another place where you can see Brave ads are in the Brave news feed. This is a feed that you can enable. It is also privacy orientated and provides you with tailored news. You can learn more about this feature here.

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