What Is the .FYI Domain Extension? All You Need to Know

There are countless domain extensions. New ones are being added all the time. Therefore, it is not a big surprise that there is even a TLD dedicated to the acronym FYI.

.FYI domain names are well suited for informative websites (the acronym FYI stands for For Your Information). This can include blogs or news sites, but there are no specifications for the intended use on the part of the registrar.

Resulting from my job I have a lot to do with domain names and domain extensions and this special and very interesting domain extension is one of them.

Because of my job I have a lot to do with domain names and domain extensions and this particular and very interesting domain extension is one of them.

Let's take a look at what .FYI domains actually are, where to get them and what they cost.

What is a .FYI domain?

The .fyi domain extension was launched in 2015. It is managed by the Bellevue, Washington (USA) based registry Donuts Inc. The basic idea for this domain extension is to operate informative websites.

Such can be:

  • Blogs with the intention to inform
  • News pages, from newspapers or journalists
  • Knowledge bases
  • Etc.

The .fyi TLD is intended to give individuals, companies and organizations a good platform to disseminate information. However, there is no corresponding requirement and theoretically you are completely free to operate websites that are not really informative in nature.

A .fyi much more meaningful than more generic domain names like .com. A .fyi domain extension is a simple and very effective way to communicate that the registrant's mission is to inform.

Now that you know what this domain extension is all about you might have a follow-up question popping up in your head:

Is .fyi a good domain?

A .fyi is a good domain name with a solid reputation. However, if the website and online presence is not informational in nature, there may be better domain extensions.

If you want to learn more about umlaut domains and IDNs in general, you can find everything you need to know in this article I wrote.

If you want to learn more about umlaut domain names and IDNs in general this article I wrotewill provide you with everything you will ever need to know.

Where can I get a .FYI domain

There are several accredited domain registrars and domain resellers where you can buy a .fyi domain. All ICANN accredited registrars that have signed the 2013 registry accreditation can be accredited for .fyi domains. You can find the official list here:


However, you can not only buy .earth domain names with accredited registrars directly. There are many domain resellers that offer them and have them registered via one of the accredited registrars.

Just make your choice and follow the order process of the domain provider in question.

If you want to register a domain name at a very good price, Namecheap is the best option. I usually recommend Infomaniak (this is where I registered all my domains), but this domain extension is unfortunately not available there yet.

What is the average cost of a .fyi domain?

The average cost for a .earth domain is $20. Higher and lower prices are occasionally found, but only seem to occur during special promotions (currently, for example, there is 50% off the first year for .fyi at Namecheap).

This price range makes .fyi about twice as expensive as a .com or other classic domain extensions (.net, .org, etc.).

However, if .fyi fits well with one's online presence, the chances of finding the desired domains are much higher than with .com.

If you ever transfer your .fyi from one registrar to another:

Transferring a .fyi usually costs the same as the annual fee. But it also includes an additional year of registration.

More information about .FYI

  • .fyi is a so called "new gTLD" (generic Top Level Domain)
  • The Domain name is to be between 3 and 63 characters long
  • Registration happens in real-time
  • Transferring a .fyi domain name takes 5 days
  • After a successful transfer the domain is locked for further transfers for 60 days

The .fyi domain extension is a very interesting choice for projects that want to inform (about whatever). Maybe it is just the right choice for you as well.

You can register it in no time with many domain providers. My personal choice for .fyi is Namecheap. Should you be looking for other domain extensions I 100% recommend Infomaniak. Feel free to check out their site.

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