Create Crypto Domains with UnstoppableDomains - complete guide

If you are not feeling savy enough with this topic yet, but want to get your hands on some crypto domain, this article is for you.

I will provide you with the corresponding instructions for the complete registration process.

But I will also go into a few more points. For example, how to create a user account if you don't have one yet, what the store/promo credits are all about and other interesting points.

And off we go.

Creating a user account at UnstoppableDomains

Open auf und wähle „Continue with e-mail“ oder „Continue with Google“.

Der Einstieg ist sehr vereinfacht und macht diesen Teil super einfach. Wenn du nicht mit deinem Google-Konto fortfahren möchtest oder schlicht keins hast, kannst du dich klassisch mit einer beliebigen E-Mail Adresse registrieren (auch dieser Prozess ist sehr einfach gehalten – E-Mail und Passwort sind die einzigen notwendigen Angaben zu Beginn).

„Continue with email“ = mit E-Mail registrieren, „Continiue with Google“ = mit Google-Konto registrieren, „Sign In“ = mit bestehendem Benutzerkonto anmelden.

What payment methods does UnstoppableDomains accept?

UnstoppableDomains accepts credit card, PayPal or payment with cryptocurrencies. If available, you can also pay with store/promo credits.

That's what I did in my example, because I still had some left.

What domain extensions are available for Unstoppable Domains?

The domain extensions .zil, .crypto, .coin, .wallet, .bitcoin, .x, .888, .nft, .dao, and soon .blockchain are offered.

The domain extensions usually cost 20, 40, 80 or 100USD. However, there are also premium domain names whose price depends on demand and can have very high prices. Also, owners can sell their domains at any price.

How to get Store/Promo Credits

Credits are awarded by UnstoppableDomains. Either when friends have ordered domains through the personal link (10USD Store Credits per referred person) or when the company runs promotions where purchases are rewarded with Promo Credits.

Upcoming or ongoing promotions are usually listed on the home page.

Illustrated instructions for registering a crypto domain

This is the start page that you can access via :

1. here you can call up the menu (see a menu overview at the end of the instructions), 2. here you can directly search for domain names.

After entering in the search field, you will be redirected to the effective search page. The results are listed further down the page.

You can perform new searches in the search field at any time.

Depending on the search term, different result types are

When a domain has been added to the shopping cart, a green and a grey message will be displayed:

The shopping cart can be accessed via the link in the grey and the shopping cart symbol at the top right.

In the shopping cart, all selected items are listed, the total amount and various options for the ordering process are given:

1. Im Warenkorb muss angegeben werden, ob man in den USA lebt („Yes“=Ja, „No“=Nein), 2. Nach der Angabe wird die Checkout-Schalfläche aktiv und muss geklickt werden.
Die Schaltfläche „Pay with…“ führt zur Zahlungsabwicklung. Der Text kann abweichen, je nachdem ob Store/Promo Credits verwendet wurden oder nicht (diese Credits werden ab und an vom Unternehmen vergeben).

On this page, you can select the desired payment method and then make the payment:

Auf diesem Bildschirm wird die gewünschte Zahlungsmethode ausgewählt und die Zahlung über die blaue Schaltfläche „Submit Payment“ getätigt.

After payment, this order confirmation will be shown to you and mentions to which e-mail the invoice was sent:

Über „Go To My Domains“ kannst du in die Übersicht deiner gekauften Domains wechseln.

So, let's now look at the menu and the various sub-items:

Account SettingsHere you can access your account settings and your stored e-mail address is displayed.

Get A New Domain: This will also take you to the domain search.

Feature Guide: Here you can find the instructions for UnstoppableDomains.

My Domains: Here you will find an overview of your purchased domains.

Applications: Here you will find an overview of the applications with which Unstoppable Domains are compatible (e.g. various crypto wallets).

My Websites: Here you can find your websites, if you have created any.

My Watchlist: Here you will find all domain names that you are watching. For example, if you have added a domain to the watch list because it is not yet available.

My Transcations: Here you will find a history of all transactions of your domains (for example, a transaction is written when the details of the domain are changed).

Billing: Here you will find your bills

Refer Friend: In this menu item you can have the invitation link displayed, which you can send to friends if they want to buy domains. You will receive 10 USD for each recommendation if the person buys a domain.

Store Credits: If you successfully refer a friend, the money will be deposited here as credit.

Promo Credits: If the company gives away bonus credit, it will be added here.

Guest Manage: Here you will find the wallet interface if you have already transferred domains to your own wallet but would like to manage them via the UnstoppableDomains interface.

Sign Out: Here you can log out when you have finished your current session.

I hope I could help you. If you have decided to buy a domain, I would be happy if you use my link. This will allow me to continue to focus on articles like this one.

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